Saturday, June 2, 2012


Welcome to my blog all about my daughter Eve.  My name is Athena and I live in San Diego with my husband John and my daughter, Eve.  I am an attorney (currently working part-time) practicing civil litigation and John is a programmer for a local computer/video game company.  John and I met online in approximately November 2001 while playing a game called Everquest.  I moved to San Diego in 2003.  We were married in 2007 and our beautiful Eve joined us on December 29, 2010.

Here are some wedding photographs:

These photographs were taken when Eve was 6 months old.

I decided to write this blog for several reasons.  First, to keep my friends and family up to date about the most current news regarding her progress concerning her various medical issues and her growth and development and as a place where they can view pictures and videos of her.  Second, it is my way of attempting to process my thoughts and emotions about becoming a new parent, coping with her medical issues, including deafness, cochlear implants, feeding tubes, motor delays, and progressive vision loss.  This blog is also my effort to reach out to other parents who may have encountered the same or similar issues with their children.

For a brief summary of our journey since Eve was born, you can read this article written by my mother.  I am going to write about these issues in more detail in this blog.


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