Friday, June 15, 2012

A Letter To an Amazing Father

To my husband, John:

Thank you for holding my hand and being by my side during Eve's difficult labor and delivery.
Thank you for changing all of Eve's diapers and taking over those middle of the night feedings during those first difficult weeks when I was still recovering.
Thank you for planning, shopping for, and making our meals every day.
Thank you for working so hard to provide for us.
Thank you for being my shoulder to cry on as I mourn the loss of the child that I thought I would have.
Thank you for feeling so deeply the pain and loss due to Eve's disabilities yet loving her more because of them.
Thank you for learning a completely new language  - and constantly encouraging me to do so - in order that we can communicate with our daughter.
Thank you for engaging me in those endless arguments over how to best care for her.  Two minds are better than one.
Thank you for helping to make those difficult decisions - the feeding tube, the cochlear implant, etc.
Thank you for letting me know I am not always right.
Thank you for being strong when I am weak.
Thank you for taking her to so many of those endless doctor and therapy appointments.
Thank you for constantly working with her, loving her, and encouraging her.
Thank you for always believing in her.
Thank you for always believing in me.
Thank you for sharing in the joy of her accomplishments.
Thank you for allowing me to see how a loving father interacts with his daughter.  I never experienced that.
Thank you for going above and beyond when many fathers would have ran in the opposite direction.
Thank you for giving me and Eve your whole heart all day and every day.

You do not know how amazing you are.

Men like you, the ones that not only support, but nurture their families, are rare indeed.  I honestly do not know what we would do without you. 




Here is a video of Eve on Fathers' day one year ago.  She has grown so much!

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  1. So very, very true. This made me cry. He is exactly everything you say and I am so blessed to know that my amazing daughter has an equally amazing partner.